Read and listen to a very interesting story Great dialogue between a rich man and a fisherman ایک بہت دلچسپ کہانی پڑھیں اور سنیں ایک امیر آدمی اور ایک ماہی گیر کے مابین زبردست مکالمہ


This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English

Do you want peace ? peace is not just found in wealth ?

How many rich people are at peace ? How many office holders are at peace ?A fisher man was catching fish . Meanwhile , he sat down and lit a cigarette . A billionaire was passing by and asked .

Billionaire man asked Question , Fishing hunting man . What are you doing ?

Fisherman said replied ; I am smoking it should dnt be smoked this is wrong ,
Fisherman , but ne had found is comfort in it .
Question ; Billionaire man , Why are you sitting idle ? catch some fish .
Fisherman said replied ; I have caught fish I have caught enough for today .
Billionaire man ; Catch some more .
Fisherman Question ; What will i do with more ? Billionaire man said replied ; Catch some more and you will earn more money . Fisherman Question ; What will i do with more money ? Billinoaire man said replied ; When you earn more money by another boat . Fisherman Question ; What else will i do ? Billionaire man said replied ; Get a nylon net go to the middle of the ocean and catch bigger fish . Fisherman Question ; What will i do then ? Billionaire man said replied ; You will catch bigger fish sell them and you will have your own boats and ships . Fisherman Question ; What will i do then ? Billionaire man said replied ; Then put your feet up and enjoy life peacefully . Fisherman Question ; What do you think i am doing now ? Fisherman Question ; What am i doing right now ? I am sitting peacefully right now too I still have to remain at peace even after so much hard work then i am already at peace right now .

You want peace right ?
( Pay heed ! In the holy quran surah mubarak ; Only in the remembrance of allah is the satisfaction of hearts . )

Why do you remain stressed brothers ?