Neighbors Rights In Islam : اسلام میں پڑوسیوں کے حقوق

This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English

Haji imran attari asked a question to the founder of dawatislami ;
It is said that we should not give salt to anyone : It decreases sustenance . What would you say ?

The founder of dawatislami replied ; Everyone is a pather in salt and fire motivation to give salt is mentioned in a hadith . The mother of the believers Sayyidatuna Ayesha Siddiqah ( رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ ) narrates that she said . O prophet ( صلی اللہ تعالی علیہ والہ وسلم ) of allah what is the thing which is not permissible to be withheld ? He replied , Water said and fire .
She states that she said . O prophet ( صلی اللہ تعالی علیہ والہ وسلم ) of allah ! We have understood the ruling about water but why is it not lawful to refuse to give salt and fire ? He replied O Humaira ! The one who gave fire, it is as if he has given in charity the whole of whatever is cooked with the fire and the one who gave salt , it is as if he has given in charity the entire food which was made good with that salt . And the one who gave a muslim a sip of water to drink in a place where water is available .It is as if he freed a neck i.e. freed a slave . And the one who gave a muslim a sip of water to drink in such a place where water is not available it is as if he brought him back to life .
This is the public who keep doing what they believe . Is there no harm in it ?

The founder of dawatislami replied ; No, no, this a good and reward giving deed if some one e.g. a neighbour says . Give me salt : we have run out of it . So salt is quite an inexpensive thing right ? Probably . Itwil not be so much burden over the neighbours either . However if they say give some meat we are short of it then it will be a burden . salt is certainly allowed to be given

Haji Imran attar asked a question : There are such neighbour who become habitual of it i.e. you can say asking for salt four to five times a week . asking for matchsticks two to five times ; If a neighbour asks for sugar or tea or other similar things two to four times a week . then what mindset should we have regarding him ? And then when they are told . It has finished . if finishes at the end of the month sohe dose this once a month but if every two to four and six days . It is done by a neighbour so what should the neighbour who is asking for it do ? And what mindset should the one who wants to give have ?

The founder of dawatislami replied ; Asking for everything is not allowed at all that he keeps asking for them . This is something else if they have such relations that they freely give and take things like this . Then there is on harm . Otherwise if it is only one-sided so such a person is called " Mangar " i.e. he is a beggar ; he keep asking for things . Of course . this is something which tarnishes ones honour and asking for things without any shar i need or permission is not permissible either . It causes humiliation as well as tarnishing ones honour . Such a neighbour loses his worth . therefore if he is ever short of salt by chance and he asks for it then this is something else .