Ways to build a good relationship between husband and wife :

: شوہر اور بیوی کے مابین اچھے تعلقات استوار کرنے کے طریقے


This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English ;

Founder of Dawatislami Ameer e ahle sunnat Muhammad ilyas attar qadri Replied ; If my daughter asks me , My husband has told me to leave . Father, what should I do? I would reply , Fall at his feet Yes fall at his feet .

Shaikh ! This person is not right .
There is no other solution expect this .Look, for example leave the husband and assume father in his place . If a father says to his son . Get lost be off ; would the son say 'Bye'? 'Father, please forgive me ; I will not do it in the future . He would say the same, right ? So she should also say , I will not do this in the future ; I mean unless the woman remains submissive . She will not be able to maintain her home . Sometimes, conflicts occur in the beginning, But bit by bit, if the woman is wise we have an idea ; I mean, such quarrelsome and argumentative men were sometimes reformed by their wives . The woman should be wise ; They become okay .
Those whom police's beatings cannot reform ;
A wife can reform them . But with gentleness, good strategy small and if she replies politely to his anger not angrily then she will become the queen of the house .

Haji Imran attari said ; In order to enliven your daughter's home , you are giving her madani Pearls that your daughter's home shouldn't be ruined in any way .

Founder of Dawatislami Ameer e ahle sunnat Muhammad ilyas attar qadri Replied ; Yes , it must not be ruined at all . Brother, in general more girls are born. There has been destruction everywhere .
Now in this situation, the one who was married with difficulty hundreds of thousands of rupees were spent and now she says, 'I am going to my father's house . What is this, brother ? Married is not child's play at all . This way , they break up their marriage over trivial matters and divorces occur . But it must not heppen . Home should remain enlivened they should make their daughter's mind saying .
'Dear, whether there is happiness or grief you should bide your time now . If Allah wills, you will see happy days tomorrow . If parents show her affection like this and send her politely then the home will be maintained . But if parents say it's okay stay here . But then if she stays there she will become a thorn for her parents and they will say . How long would we keep you ? Sometimes they stay along with their children at parents house . Then the parents might treat them quite badly if she has been divorced they will say 'Divorced ! Shut up .You keep sleeping the whole day it happens . There is a lot of roughness and harsh talking and the will to respect a Muslim is almost extinct .
Where we advise children to obey their parents so we would also advise parents to show affection .

Haji imran attari said ; You are advising a woman, a wife, your madani daughter, saying. Daughter don't leave and reconcile with your husband .
Now, she has gone to reconcile ; maybe she is going after listening to you and she might have folded her hands as well thinking , Its okay if Shaykh is advising me , Now at that time , what role should a husband play ?

Founder of Dawatislami Ameer e ahle sunnat Muhammad ilyas attar qadri Replied : A husband must refrain from oppression at all times. Kicking out the wife like this, saying . Get lost ; get out , is something dangerous. This is not good. So a husband should not do this either . And if she has come while being submissive then he will certainly have to forgive her. Forgiving is the Sunnah of the Beloved ( صل اللہ تعالی علیہ وآلہ وسلم ) of Allah Almighty as well . And if the wife is really at fault then the husband should forgive her it is mentioned in a Hadith : If a Muslim comes to his brother to seek pardon and if he does not forgive him they he will not be enabled to get to the pond of kausar .

So, she is the wife. There is the matter of maintaining the ties of kinship as well . Kicking her out is not maintaining the ties of kinship at all.
Even if you have committed oppression then you will have to beg her pardon and repent of it Even the husband will have to perform repentance as well as seeking pardon if he has committed such a thing without shar'i permission .
Both should seek pardon form each other and maintain their home satan must have whispered .
'Look. You must not seek pardon ; she will impose on your kindness . Anyway, whether she imposes on your kindness or climbs the roof you have to obey Allah Almighty and His Prophet's commandments ; You will see its blessings . The one who is at fault should seek pardon ; the home will continue to be maintained .
It will not only be maintained but also it will prosper by virtue of Madinah .