The easier the marriage, the better. Both families will be free from debt :
: شادی میں جتنی آسانی ہوگی اتنا ہی فائدہ ہوگا دونوں خاندان قرض کے بوجھ سے آزاد رہیں گے

This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English ;

I pity that youth; I am sympathizing with the youth who is saying . I earn a salary of twenty-five to thirty thousand rupees . O people ! Have mercy on me . O my family members ! Have mercy on me . Do not burden me with any demand . I wil pay the dower ; I will arrange a small walima as well . I know that with a little income a youth can arrange his marriage provided that is not burdened with any type of demand . He should neither be burdened by the groom's family i.e . his own family nor should he be burdened by the bride's family that their daughter is coming to his house ,
So what is he going to do for her ? He will do nothing . He will give you the dower he will arrange a proper walima by which Sunnah will be fulfilled , Walima banquet will be held and he will afford the necessary maintenance he will fulfil your daughter's basic necessities . He will not be able to fulfil you daughter's demands . So you should marry her . He has good manners, he is Allah-fearing and a pious man . It is hard to find such men . It is mentioned in a hadith : A man whose manners seem good to you give your daughter in marriage to him . This is the summary of a hadith and if you do not this , then evils will spread on the earth this is the hadith . And what are the evils ? When marriages will not be preformed at the right age then adultery will prevail when adultery prevails then killing's bloodshed will be promoted . The society will be completely destroyed . I have shared the narration and its commentary with you . This is my request to the entire society and it's people that these are the main issues . you should discuss these issues in your community as to what you should do . We have only 4 to 6 topics left in our society . At all time we are receiving messages via WhatsApp or Facebook or social media . There are two to four main topics which do not concern millions and billions of people at all . But people like it . Regardless of whether they are not getting bread to eat but they are talking about fashion . The one who is not getting bread to eat what does he have to do with fashion ? He should talk about bread . Brother where can I get bread from ? The youth , men and women who are not finding any marriage prospects what do they have to do with your customs and traditions ? Their happiness lies in the fact that they should be married because they want to avoid sins and lead a family life . I am addressing the elders of families and the authorities of the civil society . Please, have mercy on our young boys and girls . And everything I am saying is possible nothing is difficult at all . We have made it difficult . If your sons are sitting with you then tell them happily . Son , he is saying this so we allow you to do the same . And we will happily do this with best wishes for you . So let's start goodness from our own self you will see it will benefit so much and people will live so happily daughters will live happily son's will live happily and everything will be wonderful .