Some personality enhancement features :

:شخصیت نکھارنے والی چندخصوصیات

personality-development-tips-in urdu-how-to-improve-personality-development
personality-development-tips-in urdu-how-to-improve-personality-development

This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English ;

( 1 ) Your fault you admit :

If you are at fault, admit at once because this increases your honour and saves time . But if you are not at fault, there is not need to admit anything I am giving you two madani pearls which make your life easy and relations, better. If you act upon both of them انشاءالله you will get rid of many troubles ; If Allah Almighty wills .(i) If you are at fault , admit it .(ii) If there is any misunderstanding try to dispel it . Do not say : Let them do it ; It does not affect me one bit. . Do not say these things . Try to dispel misunderstandings as much as possible . We live among people so we should not turn them against ourselves . If you want to work in the society or want to say something in the society or if you want to bring change in people or to do some reformative work among them , will you not keep your matters clarified to them ? If not, how will people listen to you ? Remember, if you have light with you thought distances are not shortened but they are covered easily

( 2 ) Giving importance to others :

They very first point I would like to tell you is to call others with their names . Brother Irfan Hafeez , السلام وعليكم . How are you ? Are you fine ? ماشاءالله you are the student of Dora-tul-hadith ? Wow ! That's great . Abu Majid this . If address you with your name , Kunnyah and call you a student of Dora-tul-hadith . You will feel good and happy . Give a warm welcome to a visitor and offer him your seat . He might refuse at first, but ask him to sit and leave enough room for him . If someone offers you a place he has actually found a place in your heart . It will increase your importance It will increase your honour . It will open ways for you . Envy will bring you nothing . Envy results in nothing but burning in the fire . Do you understand ? While remaining in the bounds of shariah , Respect the one whom Allah Almighty has granted honour. Prestige and status and has bestowed on him importance among people in society . I have observed my ( Shaikh , Ameer-e-Ahl-e-sunnat ) that when Islamic brothers, representatives or someone else comes he either stands up or moves to make room for them and thus give's a positive response to them letting them know that he has noticed their presence .

(3) keeping the age :

Status and reputation of the one you
Are speaking to into consideration

We converse as per our mood and ignore the mood . Disposition, style, age, status, experience and knowledge of the person we are speaking to . When we speak to children, we should speak in accordance with their style . When we speak to elders, we should speak accordingly .

(4) Refraining form such activities Which are beneficial neither for the world Nor for the hereafter

For all these details we have one fundamental hadith ; It is the excellence of a person's Islam that he should shun that which is of on concern to him . This is a one-line saying and the purpose of the whole life has been gathered and stated in it . Keep this hadith before you and lead your life according to it. Your personality will become a role model for other. So, quit what is not your concern including social media, mobile phones, your gathering's, visiting and every thing else . Develop a schedule for your meal, Salah and Wudu, etc . While scheduling each and every thing , Do not keep free time between two activities so that nothing useless could occur in the schedule . Make a list of all the successful people of the world . Amongst the qualities which brought success to each one , the basic one would be that they did not waste time .

(5) Conversing with others according to their psychology

A woman will never talk with a widow about a picnic , Visit or shopping with her husband and children because she would feel that she has neither a husband nor children and she would feel that she is lonely . Work with the understanding of others nature and style . You can become an extremely influential personality if you learn what to say to whom .

(6) Make it your habit to return good In response to evil . Do not be vindictive :

(7) Make it a habit to forgive others :

(8) We need understand :

Point number eight carefully . When you build your house, You do not leave any opening hole or crack through which someone could peep into your house ; Similarly a knowledgeable and wise person does not have such a negative quality in his character which makes others doubtful and uncertain regarding his character .