Unique treatment by a psychologist :

: ماہر نفسیات کا انوکھا علاج


This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English ;

Brother Tariq; was sitting on the bank of the canal. His friend Came and said,

Friend : Tariq! Is everything fine?
Tariq replied ; What should I do bro? I don't have peace ;
His friend said ; Tariq bro, there is a psychiatrist . Should I take you to him? You will be healed ;
Tariq replied; Yes my bro my friend, I want to have treatment. Take me to the psychiatrist , bro. So, they went to the psychiatrist .
The Psychiatrist asked ; what happened?
Tariq replied ; Sir what should I do? Wherever I go find restlessness. When I go home I encounter squabbles . What should I do sir ?
The Psychiatrist said ; Brother Tariq do one thing . Keep a rooster in your house . Tariq said : Sir there have already been a lot of squabbles and noises in the house children shout my wife shouts there is incessant noise so wouldn't the rooster do the same ?

The Psychiatrist replied : Either follow my instruction or go to someone else for treatment you will have to do what I tell you .
Tariq said : Okay. So he bought a rooster and want home now a rooster is a rooster It started crowing aloud .
Tariq want to the Psychiatrist and said ; Sir what have you prescribed me ? The rooster is crowing aloud on the other hand, the children are crying aloud It has increased my restlessness and unease
Psychiatrist said : okay so you should keep a dog .
Tariq exclaimed ; What Dog ? Sir isn't the rooster's Noise enough that I should suffer a dog barking too ?
Psychiatrist said : okay then go to someone else for treatment I guarantee that you will be healed .
Tariq : So, took a dog with him at home he kept it outside the house now a dog is a dog it's loud bark troubled the nearby neighbours too what is this circus bro ! Take them somewhere else come on children go inside now he was even more sleep-deprived .
Tariq again want to the psychiatrist and said ; Sir what should I do ; the dog is barking aloud .
The Psychiatrist replied : Okay then keep a donkey .
Tariq said : Sir, I don't think you are treating me properly .
Psychiatrist replied : Okay then go to someone else for treatment I guarantee that you will feel a change .
Tariq : Took a donkey with him now the donkey behaved as it does now he himself was worried his neighbours were troubled and everyone else was suffering and he had got completely fed up with it .
Tariq : Go to Psychiatrist, Sir i can't understand that I did not have peace I could not sleep at all I had anxiety but you prescribed me a rooster a dog and then a donkey now what should I do ?
The Psychiatrist said : Have you been troubled a lot ?
Tariq replied : Sir it is really hurting me a lot .
Psychiatrist replied : Really, then sell the donkey .
Tariq : Shall I sell it ?
Tariq ; immediately left and sold the donkey for half of its price .
Tariq said Psychiatrist : Sir I have sold the donkey .
Psychiatrist said : its okay. Now do one thing sell the dog as well .
Tariq said : Should I sell it ?
Psychiatrist replied : Yes sell it as well .
Tariq : sold the dog and returned .
Psychiatrist said : Do one thing now slaughter the rooster and eat it .
Tariq replied : Sir please don't do this I like that rooster please don't ask me to slaughter the rooster after selling the donkey and the dog I slept quite peaceful .
Psychiatrist replied : Okay then go son , you have been healed you should have remained happy in what condition Allah Almighty had kept you when the sufferings and calamities increased then you saw comforts in your previous suffering learn to develop gratitude .