A mountain of gold from the Euphrates River  

دریائے فرات سے سونے کا ایک پہاڑ

Qayamat-Ki-Nishaniyan- History-of-River-Euphrates-in-Urdu-and-English-Darya-Furat-Se-Sonay-Ka-Pahar-Nikalna
Qayamat-Ki-Nishaniyan- History-of-River-Euphrates-in-Urdu-and-English-Darya-Furat-Se-Sonay-Ka-Pahar-Nikalna

Judgement day will not occur until the ( River Euphrates ) uncovers a mountain of gold and people fight over it . And in order to get the gold and become its owner, kingdom will battle ; the masses will fight . As a result of this fight ninety-nine people out of each one hundred will be killed . It means 99% of the people who will be involved in the fight will be killed .
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And today once again in our web series "Signs of judgement day " We have brought you quite an odd and strange and astonishing sign which will occur before judgement day . We will tell you about it and it is about the " River Euphrates " .
The River Euphrates is a historical river .
And according to a narration, this river flows from Paradise . Where is it written ? What is the information ? We will tell you much more . And then what is the connection of the " River Euphrates " With the signs of Judgement Day ; We will tell you about this as well . But before that on the bank of the "
River Euphrates " Such an event of history and such a story of Justice was brought about ; let's tell you about this too so that you would know that the judges in the past used to be so fair and to what extent they used to try their best in order to reach a fair verdict . May " Allah " Almighty make Justice prevalent everywhere today as well! Let's take you to a golden story from the annals of history . The matter was that there was a date palm orchard on the bank of the " River Euphrates " which was owned by some brothers and their sister . The sister separated her portion and had a wall built in between and also appointed a Persian to safeguard it . Now the governor of the city " Musa Ibn Isa " Purchased the entire portion of the brothers from them and also asked the woman to sell her portion and gave her an offer of a big amount as well . When the woman refused to sell her portion . The governor sent 500 men and had her wall demolished and destroyed the entire orchard . Now, it happens at present as well that people want to buy someone's land, or else they encroach on it . But that woman came to the renowned judge of that time "Sayyiduna Shariq " and presented the entire problem . She said, Let the right of this oppressed one be restored to her . He listened to the complaint of the oppressed woman and sealed the letter and handed over the order to the woman and said to the governor "Musa Ibn Isa ; give him this order and tell him to present himself in the court of the judge . Hence, the woman left from there and told the guard the order of the judge i.e. Go and tell the governor . When " Musa Ibn Isa " Saw the order he said to an official, Go and tell the judge, Shariq that a woman has made an unfair claim against me and by summoning me in the court on her claim, he is helping her . The official had on choice but to go but the officer knew that the fair judge of Islam . Will certainly imprison him because of delivering a convict's massage . He knew that his governor was doing wrong and the woman was oppressed . Anyway, while leaving he ordered his servants to arrange bedding , etc, for him in the jail because today, he will certainly be imprisoned . The judge is not going to acquit him . Anyway the same happened . When the officer came to the judge with the massage of this governor, the judge ordered, 'Arrest him and throw him in prison . When the governor ( Musa Ibn Isa ) was informed about his officer's arrest, he sent his guard to the judge with the massage i.e. You have arrested our massage; he only delivered a massage ; what is his fault ?
Now, when the governor's guard reached there , the judge sent this massenger also to jail with his fellow . When Musa Ibn Isa was informed about the arrest of his special guard . So after Asr Salah he sent a massage to the influential and prominent people of kufa i.e. 'Go and say my salam to the judge and inform him that he has insulted me . I am not an ordinary person ; The influential people of kufa took the massage and as they came to the judge the judge said , 'I see you supporting such a person who is not right . Then he loudly said , 'Are the soldiers of the tribe present here ? So , some young men came forward. Now the judge gave the order. Hold each one's hand and take all of them to jail . By Allah! They will spend this night in jail so that in future they would not support any oppressor and bring his massage . Even the prominent people of the city were put in jail . Dear viewers , What kind of story it is ! When the governor, Musa Ibn Isa was informed about their arrest so at night he himself went to the jail . Had its gate opened and released all the prisoners . In the morning, when the fair and courageous judge was informed that the governor had released everyone against the order . So , he sent for the register stamped it with his seal and send all the record to his house and then ordered his seventh to fetch his mouth and said, Now, we will not live in kufa . By Allah! We did not demand this designation from Ameer-ul-Mumineen . rather I was compelled and the took it upon themselves to provide us safety and patronage . Now it has become difficult to maintain Justice in kufa . Therefore, I do not want this designation . After saying this he headesd towards the birdge of kufa which ledto baghdad . When Musa Ibn Isa was informed that the judge was leaving he immediately rushed towards him and said , Sir ! please , don't do this . Don't leave Kufa and go to baghdad ; But the judge was also a judge . The judge replied , 'l will not stop until all those whom you have released are sent back to jail ; Finally, Musa Ibn Isa who was the governor had to accept this demand of the judge and all of them were sent back to jail . After that what happened was that the judge sent for the woman and there were now Musa Ibn Isa and the woman in front . And after that , an official judgement was made there . the judge held a judgement court and the people witnessed the scene that the governor of the entire city was made to stand by the oppressed woman and he said to the woman . The one against whom you made the claim is present before you . Governor Musa Ibn Isa said ; 'O fair judge ! Now I am myself present , so kindly release all those who were imprisoned because of me ; He replied , 'Yes they can be released ; After saying this he ordered to release them and said ; 'O Musa Ibn Isa ! What do you say about the claim which the woman has made against you ? The governor replied , 'She is right ; He said ; Return her all those things which were seized form her and immediately have the wall which was demolished built ; the governor said , 'Okay , I will have this work done right now . Is there a claim other than this ? The judge asked the woman , Do you have any other claim ? She replied 'Yes, my servant's house was also demolished and his belongings were also damaged ; The governor said ; 'I will recompense for this loss as well . The judge again asked is there any other claim left ? The woman said , Now I have no more claim left . May Allah Almighty reward you well! Then the woman left while making prayers . Dear viewers ! This was the judge of that time ; this was the way of justice . There used to be equal treatment for the rich and the poor all . May Allah Almighty make such a time prevail today as well! And if such people are listening to us who have the opportunity to judge and hold such a designation ; May Allah Almighty enable them to do justice truly so that the oppressed would get their right . Dear viewers ! You have listened to the story . Now let's come back to the River Euphrates . The River Euphrates is the historic river which the last prophet observed on the night of Mi'raj . And it is mentioned in a hadith that on the night of mi'raj , the beloved prophet was led to Sidar-tul-Muntaha which is a lote tree . The beloved Prophet said ; Its fruits were like the pitchers of Maqam-e-Hijr and its leaves were like the ears of an elephant . There were four rivers; Two were apparent and two hidden . I asked jibreel what those rivers were . He replied , The two which are hidden are the rivers of Paradise ; the two apparent ones are Nile and Euphrates . The River Nile and the River Euphrates flow form Sidra-tul-Muntaha . It is mentioned in narrations that the most superior of the rivers present in the world are Sihun , Jihun , Tigris , Euphrates and the River Nile of Egypt . And about the same River Euphrates , Ameer-ul-Mumineen Sayyiduna Umar Farooq states : Even if a bady goat dies on the bank of the River Euphrates , I fear lest I be questioned about it on judgement day . There used to be such great rulers who would take it upon themselves to look after even a bady goat . May Allah Almighty enable today's rulers to look after their people as well! Anyway , on the bank of the River Euphrates , The grandson of the [ Holy Prophet ] the beloved of Batool , Sayyiduna Iman Husain was martyred in the plain of karbala . This river has been mentioned in several Ahadith . In addition to this , you would have heard its name in many incidents . The name 'Furat' has been adapted form a word of old persian 'Afratu' whereas some linguists say that the word 'Furat' has been adapted from Kurdish .

Dear viewers ! Now let's move to the point i.e. What is the connection of the River Euphrates , with this programme i.e. 'Sings of judgement day ? So , it is connected with the occurrence of judgement day in such a way that in a Hadith , a sing which will occur before judgement day is stated , which is related with the River Euphrates . The sing is that in the end times the water of the River Euphrates will dry up itself and its earth will split from which the mines of gold , silver and other treasures will begin to appear . There wil be big holes in the River Euphrates and the treasures buried in the earth will come up to the earth . And then when the River Euphrates will split gold will appear and people after hearing this news will rush to get the gold . And there will become three groups . And these there groups will fight so bitterly that when they will fight it will cause many people to lose their lives . How terrible will this fight be ? How many people will be killed in it ? Listen to a Hadith in this regard . The Holy Prophet said judgement day will not occur until the River Euphrates uncovers a mountain of gold and people fight over it . It means the water of the River Euphrates will dry up and the treasure of gold and silver beneath it will appear . And in order to get the gold and become its owner kingdoms will battle the masses will fight i.e. in simple words what will the gold be ? It will be the root cause of fight and battle and destruction . Everyone will hope the same that perhaps he will get it all and think 'Let's try my luck and fight people . As a result of this fight the Holy Prophet said : ninety-nine people out of each one hundred yes ninety-nine people will be killed It means 99% of the people who will be involved in the fight will be killed . Everyone of them will say that perhaps he is the only one who will get salvation . How to avoid this fight ; the Holy Prophet has told us i.e. Soon the River Euphrates will uncover the treasure of gold so the one who will be present there should not take anything from it . It means he should run away from the gold and silver and should ot even stay there because a big fight and massacre will occur over it . Moreover , due to taking that treasure the divine torment will descend and calamities will occur . This wealth gold and silver will be ill-omened like Karun treasure . And benefitting from it will not be right . It will be a time of an odd tribulation and selfishness . It is mentioned in a Hadith the Holy Prophet said ; By him in whose power my soul is the world will not come to an end until a man passes by a grave and will roll over it and say . 'I wish I were in this grave in place of the deceased it means at that time there will be so many tribulations . calamities and sufferings in the world that people will prefer death to life and while looking at a grave they will wish that they would have been buried in that grave i.e. the people will be so tried of those fights and tribulations where this all will be happening . It means the River Euphrates is not an ordinary river rather the River Euphrates is a river of paradise and it will be raised from the world in the end times .

Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas Said ; That Allah Almighty has made five rivers flow from paradise :

( 1 ) Jihun , ( 2 ) Sihun , ( 3 ) Tigris , ( 4 ) Euphrates , ( 5 ) Nile .

All the five rivers flow from the same spring . Allah Almighty has kept his spring of paradise in trust inside the mountains through Sayyiduna Jilreel and made these river flow on the earth from the mountains from which people are grtting several benefits . When it will be the time of Gog Magog's emergence . Allah Almighty will send Sayyiduna Jibreel to the earth and he will raise six thing from the earth . (1 ) The Holy Quran ( 2 ) all sciences ( 3 ) Hajar-e-Aswad ( 4 ) Maqam-e-Ibrahim ( 5 ) The box of Musa and ( 6 ) The afore-mentioned five rivers they will be raised from the earth . And then the blessings of deen and the world will be raised from the face of the earth and people will become completely deprived of blessings .
Dear viewers ! After hearing all the details one point which is clarified is that this sing has not occurred yet rather it will occur in the end times and this time will be a time of great tribulations . We just seek refuge with Allah Almighty that may Allah Almighty safeguard us from these turmoil's and keep us steadfast in the religion , Islam ! And when the time of death approaches may the Merciful Lord enable us die in the state of faith !
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