Sings Of Judgement Day

فیصلے کے دن کی باتیں


There will come such a time before Judgement Day when the " Holy Quran " will be erased from the earth . It will be erased from the chests as well as from the scriptures . Yes, there will be no one inthe world who would remember the Holy Quran  the Holy Quran which we have in book from will all be erased ; 
The books will no longer contain the Holy Quran . It will be the time in which Islam will also begin to be erased .

This video is in Urdu, for those who do not know Urdu, What is said in this video has been translated into English ; -

Host :- Name Abdul Habbib Attari 
Dear Viewers !  How are you all ? 
Once again we are back with quite a unique episode of the web series 
" Sings of Judgement Day " It  is such a topic which is quite  unique as well as containing a great lesson for us . 
Nowadays , we hear many people complaining about a problem that 'l forget a lot ; I can't retain things . Indeed, forgetfulness is also a disease and when it increases too much .  It reflects our disorganized life . Forgetfulness is a disease related to the human brain . It is related  with the human brain . This disorder is often caused because of moisture and cold and sometimes when the brain become inflamed or when its  particular part swells up doctors say that it also causes memory to weaken . 
But remember that when a person begins to forget past and present matters so just like other diseases are caused as a result of a reason there are many causes of the disease of forgetfulness as well  . 
Amongst the factors which cause forgetfulness top of the list is sin . 
Yes the evil influence od sins is extremely destructive for our inner  self and outer self both ; especially forgetfulness i.e. memory loss sin is a factor which intensifies this disease . 

May Allah Almighty safeguard you and me from sins ! Ameen 
Remember that forgetfulness is caused by sins i.e.  sins weaken the memory
when someone's livelihood decreases because of the evil influence of sins  plagues descend abundantly lifespan continually decreases he remains deprived of worshipping discord creeps into mind a person is disgraced in the eyes of others bounties are seized he is surrounded by trouble at all times he contracts an incurable illness the face loses its elegance because of losing the bright light of faith from the face then due to the evil influence caused by these sins memorizing or retaining something becomes difficult . 
And you might be thinking why we are talking about weakening of memory . 
This is quite relevant to our topic , 

Dear Viewers ! 
And the biggest sin which  weakens the memory i.e. It causes our memory to become weak is evil gazing . 
Yes , evil gazing is a major cause of weak memory i.e. 
Watching something unlawful . 
It is narrated that there was a Hafiz of the " Holy Quran " . He used to teach the Holy Quran as well  but once he committed a sin of eyes . 
He saw something unlawful with his eyes which he should not have 
seen . Its evil influence was that it caused him to forget the entire " Holy Quran " . He forget the entire " Holy Quran " He got much worried . He came to " Sayyiduna Hasan Basri  " and  said ,  Shaikh ! I committed this mistake .
He wept a lot and said , 'I repent of it ; I just want that bounty back in any way the " Holy Quran " has been erased from my chest . 

" Sayyiduna Hasan Basri رحمتہ اللہ تعالی علیہ ;  'Perfrom Hajj this year and meet with the 
Imam of Masjid al-khaif which is in Mina and ask him to pray ; Hence, he went  for Hajj and after Hajj he went to Masjid al-Khaif in Mina and saw there that the Imam was an elderly person . During this , he saw that after Zuhr a great person came and everyone stood up to welcome him Anyway he kept on conversing with them this person kept waiting for the Imam to be free so that he would talk to him in private . Anyway when Asr time commenced and the Imam was alone he went to him and said , 'Sir, I am too much worried and such-and-such happened and I have forgetten the " Holy Quran " . And I want to get this bounty back ; He was quite a pious person . He stretched his hands and as soon as he stretched his hands and prayed Immediately the entire " Holy Quran was restored to his chest . In other words it was reinstalled 
he became very happy now the Imam asked quite a unique question . 
'Who told you my address ? 

He replied ; " Sayyiduna Hasan Basri رحمتہ اللہ تعالی علیہ " told me your address . 
He said ;  'Really ! He has disclosed my secret to you he has told you to came to me In other words he has told you about my rank .
Listen , now I will also disclose his secret to you that the person who came in our Masjid at the time of Zuhr and all of us stood up and welcomed him was none other than " Sayyiduna Hasan Basri رحمتہ اللہ تعالی علیہ . 
He by his marvelous power comes here in Masjid al-Khaif of Mina from Basra and offers Zuhr Salah daily Anyway 

Dear Viewers ! 
These are the excellences of pious predecessors . But from this incident we got to learn that forgetfulness is caused by sins . 
Sins weaken a human's memory to a great extent .
Those  who are Huffaz must be more careful about this that they must prevent themselves from sins so that the bounty of the " Holy Quran " would remain safe in the chest . And forgetting the  " Holy Quran " I repent to 
Allah Almighty is quite is quite a bad deed . 
May Allah Almighty safeguard us from this as well !

Dear Viewers ! 
Now let me take you to my topic . There will come such a time before " Judgement Day  "  when the " Holy Quran " will be eased from the earth . 
Yes, there will be no one in the world who would remember the " Holy Quran " . And today our topic is also the same that one of the major . 
" Sings of Judgement Day " 
Is that the " Holy Quran " will be erased . 
It will be erased from the chests as well as from the scriptures the " Holy Quran which we have a book from will all be erased ; 
The book will no longer contain the " Holy Quran " 
Before stating more about this sing let's tell you when  this incident will occur i.e. after what major incident it will occur 

Dear Viewers ! 
Remember that four " Prophets علیہ السلام  " are those who are alive with the apparent life . 
In general , all " Prophets علیہ السلام  " are alive it is mentioned in a Hadith : 
Indeed , Allah Almighty has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of " Prophets " Allah's Prophets are alive and they are given sustenance . 
This is what is mentioned in the Hadith but death according to the promise of Allah Almighty certainly occurred to the prophets for a few moments .
But now they are alive with the apparent life in their graves . 
But four prophets are those who are physically alive like the worldly life .
And who are those four " Prophets " ? 
Two are on the earth and two are in the heavens

( 1 ) Sayyiduna Khizr علیہ السلام
( 2 ) Sayyiduna Ilyas are on earth علیہ السلام

Sayyiduna Khizr علیہ السلام  :-  And every year it is mentioned in books every year they fast in Ramadan in Bayt-ul-Muqaddas  and every year they perform Hajj with pilgrims . 

Sayyiduna Ilyas علیہ السلام :- keep on visiting forests and deserts rest of the year . 

Sayyiduna  Khizr علیہ السلام  keeps visiting oceans and rivers . 

And in th e heavens there are Sayyiduna Idrees علیہ السلام  and Isa . 

Dear Viewers ! 
The two Prophets who are alive in the heavens have not yet met death according to the divine promise . 

One of them is 

( 1 ) Sayyiduna Idrees علیہ السلام  :-

Remember that Allah Almighty revealed thirty Scriptures to him and he frequently used to call people to Allah Almighty and deliver the teachings of Allah Almighty's books . Because of delivering the teachings so frequently he was given the title " Idrees علیہ السلام " and this title of his became so famous and popular that many people are not even aware of his real name . 
Sayyiduna " Ka'b al-Ahbar علیہ السلام " narrates that one day 

Sayyiduna " Idrees علیہ السلام  "said :- To the angel of death : I want to teste death ;  so you should seize my soul . 
 The angel of death obeyed his order and seized his soul and instantly returned it to him and he became alive then he said , 'Now show me Hell so that fear of Allah Almighty would increase . 
Hence the same was done observing Hell  he said to the gate - keeper of Hell open the door ; I want to go through this door . 
Hence the same was done and he passed through it then he said to the angel of death . 
Show me Paradise . So he led him to Paradise he had the doors opened and entered Paradise after waiting a while the angel of death said , Now please get to your place . 
He replied : Now I will not got anywhere from here Allah Almighty has said, So I have tasted death . And Allah Almighty  has also said , That every person has to pass over Hell so I have passed . 
Now I have reached Paradise and for those who have reached Paradise Allah Almighty has said , That those who have entered Paradise  will not be banished from it . Now why do you ask  me to leave  Paradise ? 
Allah Almighty sent the angel of death a revelation : Whatever Sayyiduna Idrees علیہ السلام  did , he did with my permission and with my permission he entered Paradise . 
So , leave him . He will live in Paradise . 
Hence " Sayyiduna Idrees علیہ السلام " is in Paradise above the heavens and he is alive . 

Sayyiduna llyas  علیہ السلام and Sayyiduna Khizr  علیہ السلام will pass away i the end times when the " Holy Quran " will be erased . 

Dear Viewers !
Sayyiduna Abdullah Ibn Amr رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ  :-  narrates that Judgement Day Will not occur until the " Holy Quran " returns to the place from where it had been sent . 
There will be such humming of the " Holy Quran " around the Arsh as that of a honey bee . 
Allah Almighty will say to the " Holy Quran " 
What is your condition?  
The " Holy Quran " will humbly reply 'O my Lord ! 
I left from you and have returned to you . I was recited but my commandments were not followed ; 
And similarly , in another place Sayyiduna "Abdullah Ibn Masood رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ  " states ; Indeed the " Holy Quran " which is in front of you will be erased soon . 
A person said ; 'How is it possible while we have saved it in our hearts and scriptures ? 
 We teach it to our children and our children teach their offspring the " Holy Quran " 
He said ; 'It will be erased in a night and people will not find it in the morning . 
And it will be in such a way that the " Holy Quran " will be erased from hearts and the scriptures . 
" Sayyiduna Ibrahim Nakha'i " States رحمتہ اللہ تعالی علیہ :-
There will come such a night dear viewers , listen carefully there will come such a night in which the " Holy Quran " will be erased from people's hearts Allah Almighty will send a pure wind which will cause all the believers to pass away then there will remain such people who will neither speak the truth nor will they promote it they will commit adultery  just like donkeys and other animals mate . 

Sayyiduna Ibn Umar said  رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ  :- Those people will remain in the same condition for 120 years . 
Sayyiduna abu Hurairah  Said  رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ  :- The book of Allah will encounter such a night that when people will start the morning not a single verse and even a single letter will remain in anyone's heart it will all be erased from everyone's heart  . It will be the time in which Islam will also begin to be erased . 

Hence , " Sayyiduna Huzaifah   رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ " Said ;- Islam will be erased from the world just like a stain is removed from a piece of cloth so much so that nobody will know what fasting is ; waht Hajj is . 
And the " Holy Quran will be erased in only a night until not even a single verse of it will be left . A few old men and women will be left . 
They will say , 'We found our ancestors believing in the Shahabad" kalmah Lailaha ilaha "  so we also recite the same . 

Dear Viewers ! 
It will be the time which cannot be properly portrayed now . At that time how will Judgement Day be ? 

 " Imam Ghazali  رحمتہ اللہ تعالی علیہ  " States in this regard :- At that time Judgement Day will be as near as an expectant woman is expected to give birth to a baby as it can happen at any moment . 
May Allah Almighty keep those people who will be believers and encountering the circumstances at that time in his safety and peace and grant them courage and ability to remain steadfast in their faith ! 
In the end , I want to discuss quite an important topic with you . Many of us wish that we would learn the " Holy Quran " But there are a number of people amongst us who memories the " Holy Quran but then  they forget it . 

Dear Viewers ! 
Those who memories the " Holy Quran " and then do not revise it nor do they try to memories it they are caused to forget the " Holy Quran " 
and there are warnings about a horrific torment for them . 
The " Holy Prophet " Said :- the rewards of my Ummah were presented 
before me , so much so that even found the reward for removing a straw by a person from a Masjid . And the sins of my Ummah were presented before me . 
I did not find a sin greater than that of a person who memorised a Quranic Surah or verse and then forget it . 

He said in another place :- The one who learant the " Holy Quran " and then forget it would meet Allah Almighty in the state of leprosy on Judgement Day . 

Dear Viewers ! 
keep one point in mind that retaining the " Holy Quran " is not only  necessary for the one who memories the entire " Holy Quran " but it is also necessary for the one who memories one Surah or even a verse of the " Holy Quran to remember each word and verse and each of us has normally memorised a Surah , rather memorising Surah al-Fatihah 
and three verses or such a Surah which is equal to three verses is wajib for a sane adult Muslim upon whom Salah is compulsory . 
It is mentioned in a Hadith : The sin for which my Ummah will be punished fully on Judgement Day is that one of them memorised a Surah of the " Holy Quran and then he forget it . 

Anyway , from this nobody should thing that they  should not have children memories the " Holy Quran " let them memories it this is quite good there are its excellences as well . 
If a child is a Hafiz and also acts according to the Halal and Haram of the " Holy Quran i.e. refrains from Haram and adopts Halal then he will intercede for his family members . 
But then we have to manage to retain it as well . 

We will be back with another " Sings of Judgement Day " presenting information about it in the next episode . Remember us in prayers .